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سخنان بزرگان| ارُد بزرگ - Great Orod
سه شنبه 20 تیر 1396 ساعت 08:32 ب.ظ | نوشته ‌شده به دست Ingest English | ( نظرات )

The country which forgets its own legends
tries to satisfy itself by other countries' legends
Children of such a dynasty are open and vulnerable
سرزمینی که اسطوره های خویش را فراموش کند
به اسطورهای کشورهای دیگر دلخوش می کند
فرزندان چنین دودمانی بی پناه و آسیب پذیرند. 
ارُد بزرگ - Great Orod

کانال تلگرام ما

برچسب‌ها: The country which forgets its own legends tries to satisfy itself by other countries' legends Children of such a dynasty are open and vulnerable سرزمینی که اسطوره های خویش را فراموش کند به اسطورهای کشورهای دیگر دلخوش می کند فرزندان چنین دودمانی بی پناه و آسیب پذیرند. ارُد بزرگ - Great Orod , جملات اتگلیسی دو زبانه انگلیسی و فارسی , سخن بزرگان ناب , آموزش زبان انگلیسی , Quote , Awesome sentences , display recognize signal score largely settle launch supply fail relation street decision arrive depend grant feel money personal specie collection religion sport nearby native foreign vary big legal facility civil tree cross survive officer physical file achieve paper length prevent blockquote foot additional previous japanese agree construct earth primarily decade metal declare musical college compare post command cut night police card improve eastern branch active distance highly status table province explain prior document council troop ability software learn spend capture factor board basis definition arm centre disease annual front oil response 19th 1980s damage heavy mi² express wear weapon gallery purchase greek price principle magazine era oppose 20th @card@ 1970s voice expand critic match demand round direction appoint difficult regular obtain middle instance cultural conflict quality kind storey memory expect suffer red promote beginning goal quickly jewish fan professional instrument empire situation decline category intend transfer bank volume 1990s combine marriage newspaper actor treatment 1960s previously i.e. protect symbol birth bridge longer director meaning mountain belief initially flight fourth acid conduct block frequently manage soldier port meeting vehicle talk reveal drop compose basic avoid citizen contribute detail finish drug health coast understand refuse hard step target mission tend railroad parent credit generate multiple recording scientific theme sequence assume nuclear edition employ minute label sale bus solution reaction officially training agreement statement connection wave potential historic wall component map blood room boundary gold fuel scale frequency winter transport pattern blue institution knowledge italian normal federal equal grade strike shape initial football writing affect environment eye channel buy historian immediately poor contract percent god distribution speech responsible chemical creation medical broadcast convert hear root completely copy fast scholar double resource alternative regional content tribe downtown stone studio reflect heart reform security notably heat unique fly analysis independence inside relative crime financial contrast shoot competition spanish span exchange prominent camp spring bar dutch format aspect constant existence bad philosophy presence teach producer classical library candidate municipality experiment picture tax pair honor benefit victory organize aid unlike settler later contemporary acquire sister industrial generation audience murder argument worker mind debate league campus actual contact risk characteristic horse equation owner peace press phase postal_code job area_code weight advance lake stay observe trial retain hope minor occupy concert fund review escape bit literature select agent reign postal postal_code_type latd string chief search interview patient cast combination succeed reject treat department powerful enemy equipment expansion poem happen subsequently easy save attention comic deep climate communication request dance choice colony advantage longd opposition motion impact revolution walk russian indian airport lay passenger fully equivalent ethnic participate message critical wind ball fiction edge care dispute attract gun sing shift preserve fill earlier extensive exception urban dry particle union belong cite translation easily planet comprise positive effective respect management discuss kingdom traffic farm context internal translate unknown split elevation_ft rail shortly enjoy ring festival judge railway variation failure fear print slow conservative publication irish administration attribute subsequent extremely dead emerge americans formal guitar minister rename scientist count boat formation typical variable emperor fix specifically inspire 1950s forest challenge opening limited identity encourage boy thousand desire restore distinct architecture possibly chain implement plane blank1_name what earn aim nickname internet fish principal prepare genre cycle blank_name slave mayor news path sentence ,

جملات زیبا با ترجمه فارسی
سه شنبه 20 تیر 1396 ساعت 08:28 ب.ظ | نوشته ‌شده به دست Ingest English | ( نظرات )

The believer is led to doubt justice when he sees the trick of the fox triumph over the justice of the lion
شخص معتقد به عدالت زمانی دچار تردید می شود که می بیند حقه روباه بر عدالت شیر پیروز شده است.

کانال تلگرام ما

برچسب‌ها: The believer is led to doubt justice when he sees the trick of the fox triumph over the justice of the lion شخص معتقد به عدالت زمانی دچار تردید می شود که می بیند حقه روباه بر عدالت شیر پیروز شده است. , جملات اتگلیسی دو زبانه انگلیسی و فارسی , سخن بزرگان ناب , آموزش زبان انگلیسی , Quote , Great Quotes with Farsi Translation , capacity blank_info abandon fine output highway discussion jews census-designated coin tool occupation expression protein height electron soviet designate slightly box rich sit zone distinguish negative freedom entitle compound depict layer crew defense green programming popularity script adult singer deliver convention description burn flag pilot demonstrate commission switch canadian importance lot arrest sexual electric eat mode rare throw african item chart composition opportunity core edit secret dominate roughly sector staff collect phrase invasion ice upper permit heavily increasingly manager bury musician museum protection opponent compete democratic govern peak spirit australian struggle inhabitant interpretation sex girl closely prime tourist restaurant dialect painting universe representative championship assign comment graduate traditionally classic frame parallel strength criticism discovery arise introduction executive mix engage politics conclude error iron sort dark contribution leadership circle behavior daily nations left differ partner valley bond composer requirement external records vector poet resistance neighborhood stock founder rural catch digital comedy mechanism instruction hot duty ensure favor task plot repeat license sample liberal shop screen correct hospital legend ultimately dog enable defend approve manufacture confirm fit governor strip respond literary threat conference wing firm 1st usage opinion retire estate phenomenon maximum permanent considerable situate debut reality handle jazz quote mine entry establishment opposite domestic bird formula evolve speaker controversy beat hill unable supporter secondary academic presidential export operator skill historically factory treaty decrease appeal atom cable editor satellite schedule roman agency ally forward suit ban circuit advocate significantly engineer royal soil algorithm proper orbit successor distribute greatly constitution opera carbon occasionally ratio cold manner master broad answer commit faith incident originate variant controversial teacher merge species mill corner occasion strategy worldwide association imply register assembly global affair headquarters extension agricultural deny molecule secure baseball difficulty concentration flat reserve progress transform electronic passage wood dream extreme coach adjacent exercise manufacturer possibility trace technical 18th meter huge stream portray dedicate rapidly magnetic theorem protest teaching similarly glass collapse extent pick engineering observation immigrant brain cancer hotel brand vessel visitor quarter distinction platform suburb thought massive sum voter accompany angle explanation bill civilian tower push spot combat execute representation solar input background scheme temple domain intelligence solo vocal rely winner solid 2nd adapt attach quantity dollar fleet bass responsibility foundation flee ceremony reputation ride ideal hero ruler pioneer moment recover strongly influential consequence severe acre bind promise bomb procedure guest driver prison classify skin camera steel paint hundred fruit measurement islands minority assist truth medieval window admit missile exhibit vast effectively criticize visible floor champion pitch roll eliminate invent uniform widespread substance guard employee undergo latin theatre fundamental budget utc_offset investment utc_offset_dst silver rival carrier realize capable apparently bishop import accuse suppose doctrine throne victim drink interpret netherlands atmosphere draft crop radiation eighteen characterize column labor violence tie fellow crown administrative percentage tank probability option well-known encounter ancestry yard feed safety chance 1930s christianity gene session mathematics entity jurisdiction transportation rarely residence criminal matrix watch setting mathematical proposal wine remember perceive essentially tape celebrate coordinate survey logic squaremile reading possess so-called manufacturing quantum patent gradually successfully pop timezone additionally environmental castle improvement drum ,

جملات زیبای انگلیسی با ترجمه فارسی
سه شنبه 20 تیر 1396 ساعت 08:23 ب.ظ | نوشته ‌شده به دست Ingest English | ( نظرات )

Easy is to dream every night
Difficult is to fight for a dream
هرشب خواب و رویا دیدن آسان است
ولی جنگیدن برای آن رویا سخت است. 

کانال تلگرام ما

برچسب‌ها: FIGHT FOR YOUR DREAMS , جملات زیبای انگلیسی با ترجمه فارسی , Easy is to dream every night Difficult is to fight for a dream هرشب خواب و رویا دیدن آسان است ولی جنگیدن برای آن رویا سخت است. , timezone_dst ago elementary reader liquid joint destruction colour evolution recognition door narrow mount fashion partly moral solve frequent beach newly tube modify northeast youth formally charter 0.1km² nominate threaten expedition commander injury philosopher tournament legislature southwest programme witness farmer committee web implementation revenue understanding hole actress arrangement hardware northwest fishing tone weather stretch elevation population_density_km2 indians senior install chapter load weak destination plate disorder pursue shot coal transmission substantial expensive prisoner custom arrange calendar regulation electrical telephone alternate exit priest yield poetry rapid continuous germans trail games proof flood canal hire server balance stable airline practical inch population_density_sq_mi regime resolution online southeast bottom trip segment morning agriculture wheel arrival lyric explore polish march cool interaction unusual reverse egyptian stress hall transition crisis withdraw curve protocol shell descendant moon linear advanced dynasty notion contest straight organism spiritual delay resemble selection mouth pure pull membership customer professor alongside seed extra literally oxygen assert residential hydrogen adaptation investigation guide piano dominant proceed parish fighter constitute 17th interface leg consumer fictional sun plain exact researcher impossible genetic briefly jump disk attraction vowel related possession audio republican 4th mental armed soul evil detect sugar worship essential municipal parliament processor medicine terminal shore portuguese denote wait organ phone doctor neighbor vision topic population_total theater rating breed 0.1square folk symptom calculate expose communist metropolitan hide underground documentary radical population_as_of tall storage salt politician net pain trading conventional mineral area_total_km2 resign universal celebration check unit_pref gather exile restrict mining flower safe invite perfect rocket civilization prefer concentrate dress favour sail illegal row notice warm font spell constitutional regularly apparent volunteer wound capability clock myth emergency fair chamber crowd mainland sponsor stadium area_magnitude merchant storm mechanical area_land_sq_mi area_water_sq_mi dimension resort 16th legislation conclusion statue protestant identical raid twelve circumstance false signature beautiful area_total_sq_mi wild cease verb visual unincorporated crash 3rd client ocean miss tune accident leader_name area_land_km2 area_water_km2 wire educational minimum processing 1920s velocity replacement architect expert trend noun resolve wealthy leader_title naval mainstream predict convince established_date impose depth transmit garden alter deposit taxis hair alcohol interior elevation_m republic government_type praise administer existing mid random emphasize verse dangerous founding exclude rescue organisation execution established_title indigenous tale leader_name1 chip recommend subdivision_name2 landing submit provision debt franchise conquer nomination coastal leader_title1 personality partially hypothesis publisher arab sufficient restriction diverse render mixture array population_footnotes update absolute comparison rebuild slowly absorb conversion necessarily observer subdivision_type2 playoff invade 0.04square yellow colonial genus intellectual goddess muslim ion stem integer initiate empty islamic corporation motor tourism currency objective journey fluid ancestor cluster basketball profit blow discipline recall reduction subdivision_name1 virtually classification disc experimental gift grain shopping dissolve meat sleep interested honour developer manuscript interval exceed coalition cult venue divorce atomic noise mythology alliance ignore legislative adventure cat area_footnotes annually detailed acknowledge invention biological confuse palace scope tension assistance investigate sacrifice ordinary keyboard package egg personnel danish gender essay 5th absence rain suicide node submarine journal inhabit lift correspond , سخن بزرگان ناب , آموزش زبان انگلیسی , Quote ,

سخنان بزرگان انگلیسی با ترجمه فارسی
سه شنبه 20 تیر 1396 ساعت 08:20 ب.ظ | نوشته ‌شده به دست Ingest English | ( نظرات )

We spend more, but have less; we buy more, but enjoy it less
بیشتر خرج می کنیم اما کمتر داریم، بیشتر می خریم اما کمتر لذت می بریم. 

کانال تلگرام ما

برچسب‌ها: We spend more but have less we buy more but enjoy it less بیشتر خرج می کنیم اما کمتر داریم بیشتر می خریم اما کمتر لذت می بریم. , intersection bone surrender pronounce touch intention logo twin entrance worth distinctive negotiation attitude publicly prohibit predecessor accurate prise justice wrong follower cancel soft landscape thin entertainment nucleus undertake democracy pole violent government_footnotes mixed disaster mobile cartoon waste filter corporate utilize descend drama means finance index integral reply retreat prince tissue loop confederate fairly desert bed leader_name2 prayer emphasis recognise usual pool log decay leader_title2 rifle elevation_footnotes giant steal rotation photograph erect finite illustrate voltage retrieve efficient wealth preference feeling disappear noble ownership unite clean abuse lock doubt dramatic educate fame exposure succession completion proportion locally spin gay gate copper employer airlines anniversary ages snow binary seal turkish sky data annex consumption dependent artificial mechanic hunting till catholic suitable journalist philosophical designer consistent craft holiday superior alphabet crystal assault milk continent transformation remark inherit therapy performer hang plastic sphere sight dvd perspective infection evening dozen retail descent spouse cattle parliamentary strategic present-day farming trust stick funding examine israeli chair 12th diameter familiar interesting infrastructure ruling temporary favorite owe 13th bombing exclusively 1940s fort insist taste ritual repair heir moderate emission participant rotate truck parameter organic sixth employment receiver approval pound deity metre testing fee abolish partial defensive mrs muscle captain devote cabinet odd trouble nationality heritage cousin notation encode dub swedish all qualify rebellion danger wage illness statistic mistake guarantee molecular offensive template axis derivative imperial surprise humanity pump spelling kilometer olympics naturally finnish coat punk 15th steam monument altitude bacterium inform seize fresh strict gauge guitarist tunnel 6th outer confusion graphics revolutionary defence regulate whilst bright integrate encompass lawyer theoretical satisfy electricity panel creature bound forbid congressional lower tribute veteran climb warfare suspect monitor similarity considerably population_note affiliate dish ready celebrated artistic rush assumption involvement cathedral efficiency prompt achievement configuration criterion sink fiber dismiss instrumental tactic apartment rebel neighbour ruin beam refugee talent penalty separation narrative area_water_percent infantry assistant asian hub byzantine database ferry ton tag payment divine sin optical inspiration weekend exhibition revise preparation asset mirror how collaboration excellent simultaneously maintenance hebrew million upgrade wooden combined condemn virus digit relevant concrete progressive remote enterprise shock medal chemistry soundtrack lifetime cloud conquest counter twentieth tip childhood philippine drain mexican equip lecture orchestra junction creator ticket highlight sword spacecraft boom grand referendum brick plural written subset obvious remainder exploit spectrum logical reportedly physician planning framework infinite outcome monarch diplomatic wars rear deck underlie explicitly laser sand amateur trigger estimated slavery extended automobile fantasy consonant consideration joke depression animated motto weekly commentary chairman landmark saint equally significance artillery punishment population_metro tail biography burial 14th complexity inflation revival utility muslims leader_name3 monk mail jet tear sole monastery grave calculation leader_title3 lens 7th abstract neighboring precede clothing designation extensively cavalry donate painter functional creative negotiate cheap relief terrorist tropical specification laboratory tendency compile sketch patron vertical 8th beer hop economics properly expense enhance advice valuable queen nationalist extract gross voting dam fragment romantic revive innovation deploy baby perception relocate delivery modification siege drawing retirement monarchy pronunciation coup beauty , جملات اتگلیسی دو زبانه انگلیسی و فارسی , سخن بزرگان ناب , آموزش زبان انگلیسی , Quote ,

جملات زیبا با ترجمه فارسی | Lauren Bacall
سه شنبه 20 تیر 1396 ساعت 08:17 ب.ظ | نوشته ‌شده به دست Ingest English | ( نظرات )

IMAGINATION is the highest kite one can fly
تخیل بلندترین بادبادکی است که فرد می تواند به پرواز درآورد.
Lauren Bacall

کانال تلگرام ما

برچسب‌ها: IMAGINATION is the highest kite one can fly تخیل بلندترین بادبادکی است که فرد می تواند به پرواز درآورد. Lauren Bacall , elaborate intense thick valid magnitude leader_name4 recruit aware fossil leader_title4 preferred continental restoration ongoing parade psychological wedding consecutive radar faculty deem migration syndrome corruption alive enforce gap revolt theology scottish korean poll belt physic buddhist commemorate ahead faction warn explosive golf marine epic removal realm socialist consume legendary tomb parody assemble tract enzyme peninsula coverage outstanding independently dialogue cash funeral galaxy permission sharp repeatedly expel departure appointment induce nineteenth standing advertising statistical shield neutral isolate premier communicate biblical compromise plantation barrier precise greeks earthquake loan tooth strictly printing pose labour explosion metric facilitate diet nazi cotton structural reliable brothers vacuum portrait operational grammar accessible racing magic germanic eleven enormous inscription 10th geometry fusion demonstration cave denomination animation junior substitute stability clause console palestinian compact pope commissioner excess assassination activist suspend gravity violation battery slope sacred likewise promotion algebra sheet insert cargo secretary injure servant accomplish serial infant viewer sequel hip behaviour bet seventh convict long-term viking dna respective ear gothic isotope enforcement dual busy blame elite resist momentum mandate singular vegetable oversee predominantly partnership surgery virtual sweep immigration finger bid ray merger intervention copyright territorial blind congregation roof sciences reactor 11th cap mathematician birthday psychology rhythm urge contrary competitive borrow trick massacre casualty ill potentially recovery behalf prefix 9th exclusive pipe stroke vice electoral quick outline trait thermal fraction population_urban fat lesser hunt radius overseas birthplace advise collective counterpart continued athlete brigade hell knight bomber persuade cooperation politically happy installation mild companion tea judgment limitation adoption drummer organise democrats photo overcome strengthen kick victorian synthesis depart acceptance proclaim smoke nonetheless membrane raw legacy finding dynamic alien trap sovereignty attain violate initiative hearing amendment identification judicial diamond consciousness horror consensus attendance golden playing memorial ranking unemployment norwegian compression rice listen venture sculpture supplement resume cylinder commitment drag regiment provincial profile helicopter distant abroad commercially wavelength vital rainfall pack emotional severely conversation explorer boys established_date2 axiom insurance conceive uncle neutron competitor rights unity archaeological diagram colleague mystery celtic accuracy missionary dioxide allegedly smooth justify cinema ideology culminate bulk proximity unsuccessful established_date3 specialized eighth linguistic legally lunar trademark suggestion architectural tongue suburban module examination undergraduate prototype participation chess sweet meal proponent margin deeply compilation oral outbreak automatically welsh commerce conservation react polynomial norse comprehensive geographical secular strain receptor wake bay suppress faster please oxide migrate manual toll lawsuit delegate petition bias electromagnetic forget integration reward ensue harm warrior terrain imprison hybrid analyze personally syllable profession fortune clinical charity dense circular weigh artifact compute sustain economist ore established_title3 fate jury declaration citation area_metro_sq_mi fold celebrity primitive planned population_density_metro_sq_mi navy feast partition investor cook precisely rational printer population_blank1 commons costume statute consent population_blank1_title horn recreational boast bronze actively sensitive allege discharge habitat layout established_title2 speculation surname accommodate neck regain vitamin consistently plague brown slide accelerate exploration physically intelligent martial decree 21st textile friendly friendship holy senator marketing embed , جملات اتگلیسی دو زبانه انگلیسی و فارسی , سخن بزرگان ناب , آموزش زبان انگلیسی , Quote , Learn English easy peasy ,

ضرب المثل فرانسوی - French Proverb
سه شنبه 20 تیر 1396 ساعت 08:12 ب.ظ | نوشته ‌شده به دست Ingest English | ( نظرات )

Write injuries in sand, kindnesses in marble
دلگیری ها را روی شن بنویس و محبت را روی سنگ مرمر.
ضرب المثل فرانسوی - French Proverb

کانال تلگرام ما

برچسب‌ها: Write injuries in sand kindnesses in marble دلگیری ها را روی شن بنویس و محبت را روی سنگ مرمر. ضرب المثل فرانسوی - French Proverb , lords diversity inland area_urban_sq_mi buddhism guilty publishing orientation cemetery physics lane byte insect -style millennium conjunction subdivision purely tobacco triangle valve ingredient area_urban_km2 conductor constantly automatic excessive equilibrium area_metro_km2 mouse interact ballot bread jew 0.2km² pen transit hockey emit evaluate kilometre bullet reflection jail fulfill technically population_density_metro_km2 solely mammal dramatically austrian barrel biology bow provider demolish carve internationally shut dose constituency wet subsidiary occasional cuisine rumor timber nerve alleged persian embrace affairs spark basin overthrow pulse autonomous virtue catholics orbital warning subdivision_name3 militia salary subdivision_type3 fighting differential silent riot reinforce boil touchdown invest intermediate representatives potato population_density_urban_sq_mi temporarily romanian blade outdoor collaborate voyage privilege rivalry populate clan slot nitrogen supposedly sovereign stamp gear institute flavor physicist preservation robot norm 0.2square population_density_urban_km2 rally remarkable orange accent pollution scandal geographic mature autobiography priority death_place comparable heaven patrol electronics tributary sodium corn population_density_blank1_sq_mi tennis subdivision_name4 subdivision_type4 peer lover propaganda stack thread working halt holding ultimate enrollment transaction practitioner courthouse intent controller gang ridge acquisition align bell packet maker duration aviation enact programmer deputy authorize suddenly horizontal confine coffee grandfather archbishop graph analog population_density_blank1_km2 permanently mere expectation proportional scholarship recorded correctly ease astronomer slavic tornado crucial latitude crush coincide clay tribal liberty compatible presentation circulation cup citizenship interrupt anger collector survival grid terminate substantially minimal adjust romance blend famously thrust shelter america arc continuously container evolutionary chromosome antenna -based x-ray cent extinct confidence summit acceptable approximate impression bros routine readily devise closed beneath tiny hungarian rent legitimate pin closer advent north-south elder coefficient reception sophisticated area_blank1_title informal closure peasant cure arbitrary adjective rider area_blank1_sq_mi simplify symbolic verify unclear wheat arithmetic forces shorten sanskrit lamp survivor monster cartridge suffix novelist symmetry reporter eldest exhaust protagonist nephew flourish commuter anchor arguably trader separately area_blank1_km2 swing healthy intensity prohibition ing navigation bottle shoe toy lifestyle boost lease withdrawal torture prophet hate poorly emotion reasonable uranium interference offering melt pupil mutual compiler mask cheese frontier corps knock spending battalion commentator rough hamlet proton services precipitation aggressive inventor swimming commodity obligation revision winning ward ratify prediction float mascot recommendation lung marker spite carefully harbor activate reconstruction inclusion presidency sanction collision grandson reproduce complain grass ash recreation enroll decorate attractive eventual evident correspondence conception gravitational graphic mall depiction autonomy shadow allegation poison fortress generator static rod southeastern dust atmospheric attorney hierarchy generic remnant habit turbine pit recipient confront homosexual loyal pirate lord vietnamese bypass accordance harbour uncertain constituent bicycle implication overlook cognitive reservation earliest explicit computing kernel specialist speculate deliberately zip loyalty freely preside cultivate arrow obscure conspiracy criticise differentiate comedian onwards collectively clash breast nose afford harmony sheep assessment ghost ending awareness plasma reunite liver photon complaint harsh flame synthetic anglo-saxon cannon terminus shoulder ski sue crack icon wash cry autumn nobility freight outlet prussian relay topology loose forty harvest impress ambassador , French proverbs , جملات اتگلیسی دو زبانه انگلیسی و فارسی , سخن بزرگان ناب , آموزش زبان انگلیسی , Quote ,

ًQuote | ویلیام آرتور وارد - William Arthur Ward
سه شنبه 20 تیر 1396 ساعت 07:58 ب.ظ | نوشته ‌شده به دست Ingest English | ( نظرات )

A warm smile is the universal language of kindness
یک لبخند گرم، زبان همگانی محبت است.
ویلیام آرتور وارد - William Arthur Ward

کانال تلگرام ما

برچسب‌ها: A warm smile is the universal language of kindness یک لبخند گرم زبان همگانی محبت است. ویلیام آرتور وارد - William Arthur Ward , diagnosis dot default sudden rubber footage triple arena shooting short-lived scatter screenplay chord lady probe calcium holder widow theatrical acoustic slight specialize manipulate antiquity stake cricket singing memoir flash polar pursuit runway corrupt cement relativity canon peaceful engagement quiet cities welfare pleasure squadron acclaimed availability persecution incorporation strange openly scan privately powder organized interchange illustration businessman premise ministry chicken pub stimulate transmitter mhz bat brazilian hostile spur telecommunication aboard anthem defender pace enclose extinction admission browser proposition -bgcolor systems totally -align sack athletic image_caption populous slogan spare uprising volcanic imagine rite soccer technological casino fault prominence steady discrimination offense tdtd sufficiently large-scale imagesize complement impressive shipping olympic successive reasoning hormone burning ink gaelic integrated accumulate archives ranch books thinking tragedy projection pocket occurrence eruption amino best-known monopoly uncertainty rap commence everyday snake popularize indication thesis loosely asteroid lend diesel button approximation harmonic inverse gathering bmatrix honorary lesson iranian paradox platinum uncommon incorporated thumb lion omit steep fur petroleum periodic resignation testimony contend shallow revelation assess circulate weaken discrete accurately nationalism socialism ukrainian tenure prey facto mood nurse alternatively complicated cabin precision patch pregnancy deed administrator telescope deathplace defendant persist torpedo guidance dictionary papal lang punish highland tide jersey constraint ethical pride dwarf formulation cardinal minimize radioactive melody amplifier intersect four-year kid nervous diminish ensemble precursor freeway displace ira overlap mutation sensor bitter detection livestock rape ethic indoor formulate hunter cruise prevail image_flag specimen hostility evaluation ninth immune apple annexation seemingly grape numeral afternoon recur hat trilogy cow fever angular announcement abbreviation lumber suspension dealer theorist multiplication sauce clergy provisional coil squad induct defect equality imprisonment southwestern endorse wrap intervene guerrilla offset syntax guideline federally swear parking diagnose leap advertisement spawn cream toxic tariff assignment garrison puzzle tire pot subdivision_type1 demon compress theological belgian insight 2000s economically pitcher boot duck proceeding depot nest chapel lakes cede fertile sailor stance motorcycle systematic interfere cooking assassinate russians disagree vendor headquarter east-west monthly limestone consolidate decimal dome pet established burst continuity furniture prosperity giants astronomy oak gardens yankees vicinity image_skyline bath echo geography binding armenian raf will multiply excavation conviction necessity weakness reservoir wireless mate innovative feminist algebraic dragon swiss ordinance clothes abbreviate explode vulnerable dominance fourteen convey surpass pixel abundant grace killing pregnant relieve careful leaf accusation tight scenario disguise dancer villain contributor motivate chest learning tile bag instruct essence colonist pray northeastern disagreement passive favourite serbian fun chronic anarchist countryside convenient demographic maritime tense nationally geometric ammunition rose machinery wildlife europeans subdivision_type image_seal spy compensation brake artwork amend chase denounce hometown pagan subdivision_name airplane bonus dock tamil plains violin taxi supreme discontinue affiliation punch modest constellation seasonal remake bowl pig delete bull fatal strand acceleration iraqi dancing ceremonial confluence prevalent inheritance vocabulary skilled bubble terminology capitalism sitcom combustion bin renowned aftermath mansion steadily kit famine effectiveness prospect wolf abundance renew oath notorious embark prestigious alloy recount les nationwide refuge premiere elevated gasoline merit fabric comet invoke tenth , جملات اتگلیسی دو زبانه انگلیسی و فارسی , سخن بزرگان ناب , آموزش زبان انگلیسی , Quote , Learn English in a Smart Way ,

سخن بزرگان آموزنده | مادر ترزا - Mother Teresa
سه شنبه 20 تیر 1396 ساعت 07:39 ب.ظ | نوشته ‌شده به دست Ingest English | ( نظرات )

What is Life and what to do with it
زندگی چیست و با آن باید چه کرد؟

Life is an opportunity, benefit from it. Life is beauty, admire it. Life is bliss, taste it. Life is a dream, realize it. Life is a challenge, meet it. Life is a duty, complete it. Life is a game, play it. Life is a promise, fulfill it. Life is sorrow, overcome it. Life is a song, sing it. Life is a struggle, accept it. Life is a tragedy, confront it. Life is an adventure, dare it. Life is luck, make it. Life is too precious, do not destroy it. Life is life, fight for it
مادر ترزا - Mother Teresa

کانال تلگرام ما

برچسب‌ها: Life is an opportunity benefit from it. Life is beauty admire it. Life is bliss taste it. Life is a dream realize it. Life is a challenge meet it. Life is a duty complete it. Life is a game play it. Life is a promise fulfill it. Life is sorrow overcome it. Life is a song sing it. Life is a struggle accept it. Life is a tragedy confront it. Life is an adventure dare it. Life is luck make it. Life is too precious do not destroy it. Life is life fight for it. مادر ترزا - Mother Teresa What is Life and what to do with it زندگی چیست و با آن باید چه کرد؟ , shrine banner symbolize suite p.m. continually purple analogy duplicate motif dictate validity cocaine talmud prosecution elephant narrator exert ambition resemblance flaw traverse sulfur indirect enthusiast favorable aluminium supernatural conjecture pictures upcoming licence rigid cigarette viable folklore oxidation subo established_title1 curriculum aesthetic skull distinguished distortion pro prescribe acclaim beast analyst depose justification feminine drought flux photographer whig advertise dye displacement evacuate jointly illusion gradual teen andrew potassium liberation reconstruct postulate feedback aerial unusually rugby vest delegation sick cone lab subdivide mosque renovate soup creek astronaut portable shaft profitable pond carriage bundle spiral allegiance continuation scholarly fairy helium co-star listing laugh axe firmly reconcile crude studios intake ambiguous unification void naked fierce twist thinker realism beneficial interpreter stabilize ozone quarterback socially texture inequality specialty bolshevik sanctuary ecclesiastical locality cooperate recorder pipeline scout supplier shake viewpoint conform sensitivity devastating battleship deployment accounting farther convenience supervise protestants metro pistol albanian rout poetic likelihood mandatory academy capitalist warship imaging abbey longtime outlaw men allied exposition breakfast broadcaster loud cache anxiety judaism chocolate grammatical refusal anthology summarize sabbath eighteenth 1800s imagery hinduism landowner panic summon embody seizure superhero kindergarten characterise chloride civic pharaoh kinetic afghan rabbit invitation bold surplus stain redirect trtd runner discourse deviation beef knee staple delta nut disability deteriorate bloody epidemic propulsion renown deer principally racism demo certify garner abolition insufficient spatial chaos foreigner waterway reef inning pluto slate quarry intercept preliminary frank resonance hurricane exterior safely wholly transcription genius immense witch geological motorway proprietary fence bolt 0.4km² innocent encyclopedia hurt conceal sailing choir spam categorize imagination affirm alignment prone dependence regulatory mathf olive ian limb creole indirectly speaking veto disperse inhibit mound contradiction opt gaming synagogue workshop probable satire vacation microwave unpopular imitate beta qualification expire trophy globe pile menu miracle pave three-year websites symphony sibling pad exotic tin map_caption builder insult unionist definitive duke blank grip argentine warehouse skiing prehistoric fission humid -like kitchen elimination intensive revolve reliability pine documentation scroll stronghold compatibility pearl alert non-profit sikh healing crusade mercenary sympathy addiction 1890s wartime gradient relax manipulation believer kidney canonical mold vow woodland propagate attest neolithic bout sensation catalogue gregorian feudal remind dwelling extraction accession octave grocery hook glacier planetary agenda unprecedented bite palestinians thief recipe helmet feat compel needle drainage sharply warming militant deadly imaginary equator re-release absolutely additive reunion invisible two-third humidity friends plead ordain deliberate incentive mankind homage manifestation concession interactive sediment sympathetic fake devil treason euclidean dump comply boxing breakthrough gram streak running mapping subjective scrooge click replica grey trunk maternal impulse shade aggregate contradict ideological chant cipher placement heroin enlightenment diabetes partisan phosphate brilliant donor unexpected clue strive mortal throat inflict synonym expulsion shark substrate deceased hemisphere pan tremendous macedonian linguistics diplomat syrian reopen incoming arcade anthropologist graphical swamp terrible girlfriend mint correlation stuff overhead pink uncover tenor selective firework antibiotic puppet anonymous recite backup obey wise elevator prosperous lean mob herd temperate lap flute progression unconscious telegraph manifold worm exceptional authentic synonymous , متون انگلیسی زیبا با ترجمه , جملات اتگلیسی دو زبانه انگلیسی و فارسی , سخن بزرگان ناب , آموزش زبان انگلیسی , Quote ,

جملات زیبا با معنی فارسی
سه شنبه 20 تیر 1396 ساعت 07:35 ب.ظ | نوشته ‌شده به دست Ingest English | ( نظرات )

Life isn't fair but it's still GOOD
زندگی عادلانه نیست، با این حال زیباست.

کانال تلگرام ما

برچسب‌ها: Life isn't fair but it's still GOOD زندگی عادلانه نیست با این حال زیباست. , applicable surge marines meditation nordic image_map kiss confrontation nominee miniature same-sex sawmill wreck informally substitution ceramic theoretically cruiser destroyer duet ecological sake liability gray pottery ambulance router angels mislead transparent crust interim boycott selling juice spider longitude rabbi inception federation mock captive importantly gambling indonesian kidnap clone accommodation oblige pigment modulation comfortable prolonged instability computational domination sexuality disastrous spice inappropriate weld spectator adherent wipe carbonate graduation supersede harmful dinosaur torah greenhouse indo-european fatty doctorate await greet 25th cooperative half-life storyline pillar demise subsidy high-speed destructive hollow threshold fisherman farmland contractor staggered caption prestige unchanged blessing wool mud connotation incorrectly dictatorship democrat spherical comfort attacker oriental erupt adverse backing shareholder microprocessor br''total focal methodology sunlight rapids counsel prevention resistant prolific shout customary derivation ambiguity apostle underway relic quest occupied analytic .the reinforcement mph equity sporting consistency liquor unitary trumpet reluctant cake catalyst spontaneous predate fry remedy princess inexpensive fungus optimal maneuver inject ethanol privacy slice optic gateway vampire drill eagle saving afterward pension slaughter observed goth notes marginal percussion gesture simplicity stationary communion foul affluent passport wilderness airfield posthumously sociology clarify settlement_type breeding parachute floating variously exploitation envelope swell masculine cowboys lateral incidence reminiscent smell microphone cottage costly honey orthodox underwater literacy bracket northward evangelical cavity dismantle brsmall''see mod drown trustee napoleonic haul 32-bit buyer grandmother paradigm acronym precedent crossroad confess underneath usd disturbance slang offence cuban unnecessary inadequate comparatively symmetric conceptual exponent wander orchestral sheriff reformed classroom neighbourhood repeal devastate colonization built-in satirical variance archaic amusement predicate antique poker reconnaissance goat repertoire accomplishment mad residue selected noticeable noteworthy monastic lat flagship bearing productions inaugurate varied compulsory cube scenic fountain scrap cassette vacant terror supervision intentionally alma_mater georgian enlarge luck disambiguation inevitable messenger propel poisoning purge brush lowland adjustment contingent perpendicular venetian butter darkness routinely rhetoric english-speaking shrink canoe mistress long-time ceiling windows convene parity practise jesuit archipelago periodically rigorous tcp lip pedal offshore metallic real-time contestant governance persistent improvise pyramid testament exponential download originated verbal deprive consort aforementioned shelf seventeenth twelfth spin-off heal trailer role-playing coral happiness satan surprisingly printed unrest premium payload regent geographically image_shield adviser overnight accidental atop confederacy coating year-round alarm banks opium devotion collaborator garage decorative infinity ese bee custody midnight judgement divert skeleton coronation translator spectral nun 0.4square jam dawn subscriber calm drunk 80s afraid superiority maximize guilt sermon supermarket poster seldom exemplify inaugural rocky aramaic 100th entrepreneur filmmaker heroic banana statistics follow-up honors vaccine renewed spear ammonia instructor alteration dictator infect allude internally mutually gamma onion redesign uniquely aggression ordinal bilateral theft regret diocese principality pretty lure header ignite kilogram surgeon grouping vault conserve productivity vernacular phoneme frankish contraction freshwater surveillance pedestrian desperate illegitimate breath traveller den sacrament propagation problematic suppression shotgun expressway betray precious developed baltic rapper guess sustainable disposal super excavate predominant , متون انگلیسی زیبا با ترجمه , جملات اتگلیسی دو زبانه انگلیسی و فارسی , سخن بزرگان ناب , آموزش زبان انگلیسی , Quote ,

سخنان زیبا | دیپاک چوپرا - Deepak Chopra
سه شنبه 20 تیر 1396 ساعت 07:33 ب.ظ | نوشته ‌شده به دست Ingest English | ( نظرات )

Stop judging others in order to meet composure
از قضاوت کردن دست بکش تا آرامش را تجربه کنی. 
دیپاک چوپرا - Deepak Chopra

کانال تلگرام ما

برچسب‌ها: Stop judging others in order to meet composure از قضاوت کردن دست بکش تا آرامش را تجربه کنی. دیپاک چوپرا - Deepak Chopra , metabolism esperanto seal_size trench backwards proud nice fool mid-1990 tolerate besiege reverend illuminate marsh correlate elector flag_size tutor audition rejoin sexually humanitarian renounce euro ace shield_size left-wing added refine calculator bench proclamation ascribe cater turtle meaningful day-to-day gig enthusiasm reclaim temporal lattice mercury narrate wax libertarian unaware churches susceptible projectile token all-time adjoining mathx antibody lithuanian ant mystical dignity shine articulate breathe convergence pointer synthesizer flexibility bake unveil patronage spaniard beg submission frog baptize image_blank_emblem sculptor vanish suffrage narrowly recognizable equivalence bachelor attachment individually censorship racist marked swap hello slay mythological financially inscribe victorious freezing levy denial curvature retailer seminal required skate pushpin_map daytime martyr colloquially nail moor ancestral floppy prosper boxer councillor dedication failed a.m. prosecute prejudice deplete wetland serpent auto congestion bark missing tent iconic grind respiratory one-third blank_emblem_size confirmation emulate communists gallon psychiatric snowfall pale surgical pulp discount earning lebanese abstraction thriving overturn pilgrimage famed vibration candle tensor fin investigator moisture herb genetically simulate bounce inconsistent pushpin_label_position anatomy foremost masterpiece outskirt beloved hatred shooter batter biologist pushpin_mapsize mapsize certification stimulus quartet diving robust upstream pamphlet fitting dirt met pushpin_map_caption worthy augment heated invader comeback expertise clinic blockade athletics covenant defunct jewelry promotional efficiently bacterial surprising flavour rectangular consolidation diode convoy controlled wizard yeast confession mentor known_for reviewer timeline splitting licensing rotor stereotype prescription reformer mormon bluff 0.5km² spray passing psychedelic tragic hardcore stellar incompatible bulb mobility anthropology dimensional fog hispanic promoter institutes surroundings warhead treasury outright bestow virgin bare fellowship emblem simultaneous tomato wrestler prostate statesman ecology envision fitness fibre geology inspection stunt reorganize bore widen inherently coordination map_caption1 photographic censor preceding fringe outward replaced-ip assimilate pork unitarian tavern mapsize1 unsuccessfully funny humour sever presume less diffusion conditional complementary u-boat image_map1 monkey sampling dependency eastward fox lighthouse epithet nickel replicate immunity dice finale offend deserve dial ramp procession scalar crossover dental takeover debris brutal helpful lava equate pasture avenue glacial oxidize waterfront nowiki chariot duel industries scandinavian encryption hypothetical allocation trainer liturgical densely sixteenth secession stereo purity armored reprise bless aunt pretend thickness icelandic query stir capitalize posit 0.6square detach mac reproductive aristocracy queue reed yiddish dietary neutrino 90s cancellation robbery imitation admin brewery 16-bit courage rid analogue entertain salmon embryo nitrate consultant withstand bride prevalence dodgers tender spinal juvenile niche feud proclaimed countless exam gentleman specialise casual tilt arterial 49ers badge automotive urine ballet caution semitic wane dune tractor ladder intimate distributor accredit accumulation fundamentally tuberculosis compass alphabetical armament line-up reissue scratch keen motors mourn talented 30th exclusion subway prairie surveyor garment trim journalism propeller mythical repetition optimize emigration logarithm populated enthusiastic chiefs charitable screw backward erode generalization entail pier inference endanger tier recreate dip pardon hinder unconstitutional tertiary expectancy mast organizational pastor fraternity disturb merchandise affinity plaintiff interception nightclub piston intended activation institutional cane hash lifelong remarkably stated hindu southward nautical butterfly aluminum precipitate akin , متون انگلیسی زیبا با ترجمه , جملات اتگلیسی دو زبانه انگلیسی و فارسی , سخن بزرگان ناب , آموزش زبان انگلیسی , Quote ,

Quote with Farsi translation | النور پاول - Eleanor Powell
سه شنبه 20 تیر 1396 ساعت 07:28 ب.ظ | نوشته ‌شده به دست Ingest English | ( نظرات )

What we are is God's gift to us. What we become is our gift to God
آنچه که هستیم هدیه خدا به ما و آنچه که می شویم هدیه ما به خداست. 
النور پاول - Eleanor Powell

کانال تلگرام ما

برچسب‌ها: What we are is God's gift to us. What we become is our gift to God آنچه که هستیم هدیه خدا به ما و آنچه که می شویم هدیه ما به خداست. النور پاول - Eleanor Powell , ambush parcel orthography contamination populace phonetic crest refrain pertain nominally navigable methane sleeve cope prosecutor jaw subtropical semantic expanded tenant versa invariant allusion plea degradation aquatic reactive peanut elf prostitute seller swallow congress midst estuary roadway née roller unnamed grenade charm sickness mid-1980 carnival affordable redevelopment smash jacket flock parasite advancement mutant deport sandwich genetics mole hip-hop animate dispose bourbon straightforward caste dining diverge nasal strait slav sensory email gameplay subtitle joy re-elect spine hindi airborne contention mantle amplify thank persona unhappy blur severity consul descriptive worsen affected microscope playground longew skip ethiopian inmate vague legitimacy saga excellence ministers man-made soluble fertilizer meteorite teenage larva duchy governor-general peculiar downstream namesake mainframe preface ambient grasp gag franciscan basque affection conscience logistic sandy compliance scar therapeutic underworld recursive latns subscription captivity rolling ballistic modem leisure basement disabled guardian magistrate orthogonal commonwealth pickup estonian urdu longm null manor advocacy epoch decode enrich diagnostic northernmost oracle latm sperm diver drastically polarization skating colonize prefecture -valign samurai 70s foil painful gentle reconciliation exempt flip hydrocarbon invariably pilgrim patriarch re-establish spoof mills infer deposition subculture macro 0.5square behavioral evacuation mistakenly south-east casting balanced teammate slash cruel interstellar groove protected torque lines pneumonia hellenistic knockout announcer manga engineers automated continuum thunderstorm ish stranger temper creativity perish utc escalate rugged quartz subspecies viewing attendant desk lethal communal segregation metaphysical diagonal frigate stab amid utter rack long-standing oppression supremacy progressively resurrect eject radically pun repression ultraviolet 8-bit fips minus incur spill codify prop tightly experimentation reorganization inclination inflammation sumerian best-selling unfinished mushroom upwards magnificent radiate frustrate presbyterian facial melodic consecrate relegate mentally appreciation penetration unwilling trivial two-year enhancement athenian tattoo sewer correspondent flemish driving 50th works overtake cardiac ineffective pre networking magnesium atm inventory avant-garde postpone distress heresy degrade melting sizable theorize plentiful toxicity toe trajectory spike naming fishery ratification dominican armoured meantime bead toxin cathode backbone celt grab liturgy quantitative imdb_id right-wing asylum intentional umbrella energetic destine vandal deduce corpus volleyball veterans slovene scream eager villa antagonist wrestle billboard promptly regulator consultation promising repel trauma three-dimensional barbarian headache picnic authore packaging triangular excerpt technician priesthood mediate northbound southbound capsule instantly climax disclose setup hobby metabolic paved maiden verdict waterfall eccentric fields commandment outrage decomposition barge chlorine propellant airship softball jungle sunset lost enhanced suspicious disregard lunch financing electorate developmental renewal recession malaria radial delight inaccurate ridicule viral subdue hierarchical semantics workstation hacker funk preacher hydraulic invalid 0.6km² lightweight entirety elegant paternal halfway furnace abolitionist liner touring bankrupt cadet sharing colorful constrain gravel nomadic disruption mathematically tiger real-life overwhelm rental plenty interestingly jack squeeze pencil rainy garbage measurable mercy disappearance infected pod etruscan shower vigorous detonate vassal demolition toss systematically aztec catalan disco daylight speculative diaspora efficacy trombone saxon archive cue collide confiscate physiological pierce refinery wrath coherent formalize homepage mural soprano flare combatant flush concurrent rehearsal admiration pend bureaucracy ribbon aryan apprentice , جملات اتگلیسی دو زبانه انگلیسی و فارسی , سخن بزرگان ناب , آموزش زبان انگلیسی , Quote , English quotes with farsi translation ,

سخن بزرگان | آلبرت انیشتین - Albert Einstein
سه شنبه 20 تیر 1396 ساعت 07:24 ب.ظ | نوشته ‌شده به دست Ingest English | ( نظرات )

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we use when we created them
نمی توانیم مشکلاتمان را با همان ذهنیتی که موقع خلق آنها داشتیم حل کنیم. 
آلبرت انیشتین - Albert Einstein

کانال تلگرام ما

برچسب‌ها: English quote with farsi translation , useless whistle neutrality baroque niece concede screenwriter rendering outsider questionable authorship cereal oscillator feb bombardment portal murderer concerto tempo curious onward supervisor lucrative outnumber bears generous chassis exacerbate twenty-five differentiation promulgate orchard temperament infinitely saxophone periodical assassin clarinet permutation catalog vertices disable basket 24th -winning cyclic pant pleasant screening transcribe advisory canyon ionic foothill canton tow bust evoke maturity snap insertion third-party spokesman glove aspiration attempted glider stanza quadratic matha inertial 64-bit imprint aristocratic shipment re-election outpost alienate candy hardship cholesterol hunger weekday loyalist bent tangent hectare supplant transitional shoreline poles subsistence judiciary typewriter cart endeavor bizarre intrinsic pharmaceutical resin sponsorship wit chronology diffuse evenly reel persecute intestine moroccan privatization enclave yearsactive emphasise parenthesis fauna monitoring volatile reptile inversion erase endemic inevitably eponymous randomly liberate rebound coaching fracture heap feasible refute quark barn reinstate rendition rules psychiatrist manually 60s homogeneous runoff bribe yacht atrocity edict zoning isomorphism thy doctoral north-east exceptionally des swede usable forecast sonata saloon commonplace novella microscopic spacetime thriller resurgence proliferation conjugate brightness booth inn ligand 1square harness organizer runtime realization paperback chilean vegetarian southernmost teutonic platted banker immortal part-time overrun louis thoroughfare graphite chat excuse ascent quarrel amazing implicate info corpse positively infectious centralized bengali warp israelite peacekeepe rim leftist abdicate terrace characterization ornament implant protector enclosure insistence cage certainty shared dwell upward pavilion nude mortar fixture hamper cheer bloom domesticate anarchism abelian steer rhythmic eleventh optimization symbolism eminent award-winning endow workforce inhibitor newcomer divinity cortex unacceptable reunification sulfate observable hypothesize quotient cockpit ordination ostensibly tribunal distort abnormal vastly peg modeling corinthian supernova accessory statutory trolley upright uncredited smart economical analytical oneself intercourse lever torch statewide ubiquitous heterosexual graffito zoo morale novelty improvisation liberalism cafe unreliable mathp vulnerability doom ref van cartesian chancellor idol smile featured incline quota vertically short-term festivity mortgage glue hilly contiguous alias archaeology passionate broaden downward five-year fatality configure scattering algae aperture sustained dismissal camping salute turmoil tanker pie alleviate unemployed safeguard baron clearance skirmish implicit acquaintance wounded ironic downfall precinct lagoon ceo restricted perpetual blockquotethe oval ditch reliance rehabilitation gum coconut multitude quietly lime discontent laborer routing huguenot statehood outfit finished admirer frustration launcher loading disappointment vertebrate modernist hydroxide taiwanese veil overwhelmingly firefighter 0.7square blog middle-class coptic 23rd sabotage fictitious apartheid planner appeals interconnect geologist vol policeman media authenticity pill irrelevant breathing rotational placebo oyster commanding mongolian insane sandstone oust condemnation fluctuation colon topography nomenclature biodiversity broadband grove numeric satisfaction chronological pesticide purify gel vertex landslide fuselage haunt fallacy stipulate forgive thereof sniper gunpowder postmaster columnist activism fond unlimited rib fricative applicant orphan postwar respected scarce elevate supportive inlet deaf pea harp hound full-length canvas posthumous unexpectedly sheer willingness dash par appropriately nursing impair disputed carbohydrate bucket hatch endurance clockwise regency conflicting indefinitely diplomacy bodily misconception pact wrestling irrational lsd singularity conditioning coffin relinquish , We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we use when we created them نمی توانیم مشکلاتمان را با همان ذهنیتی که موقع خلق آنها داشتیم حل کنیم. آلبرت انیشتین - Albert Einstein , جملات اتگلیسی دو زبانه انگلیسی و فارسی , سخن بزرگان ناب , آموزش زبان انگلیسی , Quote ,

Great quote | الوین تافلر - Alvin Toffler
سه شنبه 20 تیر 1396 ساعت 07:05 ب.ظ | نوشته ‌شده به دست Ingest English | ( نظرات )

The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn
بی سوادان قرن 21 کسانی نیستند که نمی توانند بخوانند و بنویسند بلکه کسانی هستند که نمی توانند بیاموزند،
آموخته های کهنه رادور بریزند، و دوباره بیاموزند. 
الوین تافلر - Alvin Toffler

کانال تلگرام ما

برچسب‌ها: The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write but those who cannot learn unlearn and relearn بی سوادان قرن 21 کسانی نیستند که نمی توانند بخوانند و بنویسند بلکه کسانی هستند که نمی توانند بیاموزند آموخته های کهنه رادور بریزند و دوباره بیاموزند. الوین تافلر - Alvin Toffler , Life changing sentences , unanimously publicize separated hazardous residual taboo caribbean blacksmith thou marijuana neural airliner outlook contempt freshman sage pause shatter saturate gem isomorphic skirt cosmetic seating bush reuse primate incapable monumental detention eclectic spartan hoax libel capacitor navigate enslave plurality var starch circus tabloid fatigue distinctly reversal collegiate inactive encouragement sequential secede eucharist unreleased marking heel moderately excite bohemian unused gut flora relations surf patriotic instrumentation workplace incredible bamboo password abbot rob contender brother-in-law revere unwanted revoke fundamentalist starvation celsius modulate rookie portfolio syndicate modernization psychic apology imminent reappear humble deadline comedic clever chaotic feminism arid franc state-owned martian chunk vinyl pastoral formidable ego magician protester grazing iteration high-level quantify sidewalk transformer detachment stratum whip pakistani rainforest paramilitary furnish steroid mosquito fluorescent apologize mystic recapture intrigue connected bloc colloquial skeptical superintendent pennant toilet wonderful protectorate decision-making proxy dissent thirteenth modular inefficient city-state iliad cigar commander-in-chief dirty batch arouse favourable retaliation nobleman fascism mighty illegally analyse multimedia wield plunder ideally relocation dipole granddaughter ounce may paste english-language forerunner roster unavailable hippie observance poly steppe initiation consortium sociologist rift divergence borrowing indefinite polygon hydroelectric compartment brigadier stint befriend voluntarily canopy enduring pest fresco accompanying lament filament brave occupant indicative contentious legislator distillation thermodynamic loom assyrian zionist despair visually authoritative north-west malaysian clon fragile navigator prefect fermentation deacon crystalline procedural gaussian honest unpublished episcopal directors recycle barley inorganic exodus mbit semi-final belly vedic kidnapping prospective cello roast undesirable decompose bog auspice cognate stitch renewable buffalo maize kbit ammonium stiff pornography blanket undoubtedly notoriety backdrop scots titanium vocational vibrant polarize hay 0.8km² decommission ufo visibility département disappoint detain licensed half-brother anomaly colombian identifier negatively seafood con co-founder south-west milestone overview equinox idle bilingual conqueror impedance 1880s latvian homomorphism jewel shipyard unanimous stimulation accompaniment necessitate allele confusing dwindle scattered outlying craftsman apostolic shrimp vinegar thyroid outspoken observatory preview destiny imperative mimic vine synchronize phylum potent aug very shame entertainer socket long-running cartoonist faint lively fantastic salvage shrub wrist skyscraper separatist ravage homeless subtract intuition lag penis cutting collaborative tailor discredit delicate coincidence cellpadding truce degenerate landlord stalk receipt haven rotary algerian refinement impairment morphine madame crow reggae lecturer sonic long-distance forcibly encrypt endowment secrete israelis syrup creed uniformly at-large 0.8square starter biographical sic determinant setback fashionable relational succumb overflow bolster dane sine midwest phoenician espionage volt alternately pivotal ferment competent watt url adequately fetus resultant globally mohawk convent vineyard straddle diffraction browns presenter prostitution feeding beating noon collar unfair credibility insulate facade antigen high-end cumulative galactic cosmology lessen cherry remix coinage runner-up autobiographical cultivar carpet claw jar restrictive steamboat convex cerebral acquit bleed resistor contradictory dilemma bodyguard lexical hiatus admiral laptop academyawards registry entrust sons calf occult awaken 27th dealing groom consuming crawl renaissance logically chemically diversify bipolar monsoon spectroscopy cannabis rework unfortunate cooling modernize endorsement dissident cylindrical dominion frozen pizza , جملات اتگلیسی دو زبانه انگلیسی و فارسی , سخن بزرگان ناب , آموزش زبان انگلیسی ,

English quote | انیشتین - Albert Einstein
سه شنبه 20 تیر 1396 ساعت 07:03 ب.ظ | نوشته ‌شده به دست Ingest English | ( نظرات )

Three powers rule the world: Horror, Greed, Stupidity
سه قدرت بر جهان حکومت می‌کند:
ترس،طمع و حماقت. 
انیشتین - Albert Einstein

کانال تلگرام ما

برچسب‌ها: shepherd furious transient nutrition transliteration edible orchestrate artisan schism condom ham caffeine takeoff anticipation maid live-action posture tonal eating physiology non- incursion depress molar infinitive appliance heroine tomorrow thrash erotic abandonment choral coma spontaneously reincarnation creditor pendulum garlic 2square aerodynamic gorge oversight clutch salesman toast adherence indictment chronicler schizophrenia marathi well-defined batsman everything lavish factual pre-war mare absurd instinct erroneously rediscover soda unlawful laureate salad idiom qualified witchcraft emancipation khz astrology riff recommended swift addict avenge superficial unpleasant noted overlapping ceasefire amber materialism dim ecumenical serotonin first-order deforestation hobbit high-quality skepticism long-range mysticism nave jurist incite pollen curb reminder dynastic cascade growing odyssey ethylene dissertation anti-aircraft nozzle picturesque assurance extraterrestrial converse retake midway don mainline products overtone parse akkadian cypriot endeavour impart subscribe reintroduce dare innate skater homicide cookie movable functioning seminar inspect expatriate vaudeville neurological usefulness rebellious patriot koreans privateer viola profoundly boyfriend team2 goals2 goals1 shy troupe basilica respectable prelude continual betrayal lemon injured turnover playable x86 insulation higher embargo fencing islamist subsystem testosterone penny playback refuel anymore sting suspected proprietor catastrophe folding pageant transverse glow claimant accelerator aqueous basalt nucleotide congregational kurdish classics turbulent sour imperialism grandchild avid mainstay ornamental breaking horseback fourteenth croat subcontinent planting umpire co-write dramas lapse strap negation accomplished scribe solidify reflective oriented damaging equestrian predominate overtime dopamine undeveloped fuck inauguration unsuitable impending low-cost dogma hinge refined peruvian deception groundbreaking illumination improper statistically secrecy fascinate purification equivalently conjugation functor nymph fried ether overhaul wedge farewell beacon insider waveform differentiable legislate ivory sulfuric spectra troll stern graduating sultan intellect jurassic rowing lucky workers extinguish devout convincing swimmer dormant venerate mid-19th plough jumper enterprises asians nigerian cocoa 1.1square alt litre commemoration devotee stud adultery real-world confinement commutative administratively afrikaans solubility alpine narration flashback roam mathn notwithstanding concurrently cleaning dresden standards protestantism bluegrass handheld conscript auditor whaling cyclone lymph seasons indices liable cryptography ghetto non-fiction mating fluctuate electrostatic affix drastic sweeping fetch reliably passover magma bulls kibbutz crossing gymnasium perch simulated co-author whatsoever utterly indict resting mobilize sway kanji telegram geologic staircase solder cambrian septuagint gin postseason migraine heavyweight precedence islet bother televise wording booster redemption shipwreck helix existential botanical deter unpredictable gentile overture inflammatory cardiovascular charcoal shun papyrus anterior animator ration dull harmonica 28th procure dear earnest bleeding evaporate symphonic standardization credible retell schema surrounding quaker frost piracy anoint groundwater allergy isomer nation-state coroner stub parser covert breeder phd loving chieftain weaponry sup2 accepted abdominal identifiable bantu deceive misuse myriad caliphate antidepressant corrosion trance withhold trash spearhead blossom enjoyment redevelop expressive anode heretic wooded circumcision sunday notebook archer crane rub dispense jockey loot spit fabrication self-government tally automate mathg fractional asbestos swastika caller death_date raft uncomfortable likeness ugly wholesale repository transparency pragmatic cab habitation convection verification deflect enumerate muzzle orbiter vibrate spacing elemental inhale supercomputer meridian , Three powers rule the world: Horror Greed Stupidity سه قدرت بر جهان حکومت می‌کند: ترس طمع و حماقت. انیشتین - Albert Einstein , متون انگلیسی زیبا با ترجمه , جملات اتگلیسی دو زبانه انگلیسی و فارسی , سخن بزرگان ناب , آموزش زبان انگلیسی , جملات حکیمانه ,

English quote|شکسپیر - William Shakespeare
سه شنبه 20 تیر 1396 ساعت 07:02 ب.ظ | نوشته ‌شده به دست Ingest English | ( نظرات )

Three sentences for getting success: 1-Know more than others 2-Work more than others 3-Expect less than others
سه جمله برای کسب موفقیت:
1-بیشتر از دیگران بدان.
2-بیشتر از دیگران کار کن.
3-کمتر از دیگران انتظار داشته باش . 
شکسپیر - William Shakespeare

کانال تلگرام ما

برچسب‌ها: Three sentences for getting success: 1-Know more than others 2-Work more than others 3-Expect less than others سه جمله برای کسب موفقیت: 1-بیشتر از دیگران بدان. 2-بیشتر از دیگران کار کن. 3-کمتر از دیگران انتظار داشته باش . شکسپیر - William Shakespeare , tungsten oslo supersonic maple black-and-white insanity reaffirm hegemony ecliptic equatorial gaseous nebula codename keeper unconventional multiplayer evade trout waist excommunicate deform rabbinic refractive stylize silica neurotransmitter olympian parochial semester immortality authorization litter divisor co-operation right-hand fortunately bully unfamiliar dissipate condensed swan stark recursion imperfect arbitration polo centimeter sub2 raze high-rise relativism kite invertebrate firstly conduction lizard outdoors coarse systemic intuitive conspire bearer moth hurl sock estrogen cajun axle anti-war damp injustice snack newborn secretion dormitory disapprove bahamas lengthen compassion austria-hungary yarn skyline minoan 1.2km² bump sensibility writers bulge ascension hoc int alley anti-communist refresh adventurer mathr deterministic normative platoon broker writ aesthetics unauthorized petty neutralize well-receive emotionally idealism skeptic contour exaggerated invert publications facet mitochondrion westernmost beneficiary psychotherapy hood ashore odor co-found rectangle trafficking concerned mesh parrot painted gym amass hack conglomerate gnostic inert hellenic respiration connectivity biking avoidance depletion fingerprint alkali 1.2square derogatory taxon cloak infiltrate asleep approx glimpse inconsistency appetite finalize controlling symmetrical sufferer uneven ransom foundry taxpayer hallucination synchronous deuterium self-titled cruelty drawback handicap caucasian rarity liken cremate seaside introductory unmanned appendix sedimentary predictable deviate spinning frenchman hyperbolic mummy alkaline abstain amplification surrealist 1.1km² remaster disgust disappointing subfamily titular nurture scientifically notoriously small-scale spa obesity linen peroxide microorganism visigoth bourgeois caricature vacancy righteous overt operative tyrant closet cornerstone shit chimpanzee rebirth pluck reestablish morphological whiskey reparation refurbish satisfactory raider campaigning contaminate articulation knit normalize scanner pulmonary recycling surreal coronary punctuation associative programmable samaritan 1.0km² challenger jamaican retrospective jurisprudence strategically successively petrol privileged disintegrate abnormality spoil heyday humanoid punjabi barbecue motel rematch fidelity emirates spotlight yell harassment rupture world-wide transcend countries sizeable flea beet one-half millimeter epistemology booming narcotic rancher universalist crazy drone authorise abdomen agrarian linger loser impede overlay climatic boar islander caesar inflect alveolar lowercase turret inspector interpolation cretaceous meadow rot archeological positioning deepen scent mastery tolerant interchangeable forefront burgeon hardness solstice renal haitian paddle enlarged jealous risky annoy remarry outset comrade revisit plaster malfunction gigantic conventionally competence romanesque state-of-the-art conspirator olympiad kingship geographer psychoanalysis dweller reversible semifinal min vice-president engraving bombard elbow elizabethan immensely doctrinal mathe append thunder curl counteract serum counterpoint pike goldenglobeawards cheat obsession charismatic directional crypt swiftly estimation transatlantic sender misunderstand munitions cellulose precaution exclaim crucifixion geometrical deletion courts excise crocodile levee could retract gossip syndication storylines projector parental awkward dispersion soak forgery challenging dan penal aspire mathm filing lamb lesion malicious upheaval zombie mitochondrial catcher latency countable neuter spreadsheet ionization striker bulletin bureau continuing interrogation wheelchair viscosity liter staging nitric colonialism cleric peacefully pore archetype epilepsy diphthong shear bunker landfill heavenly snail hiding superstar solicitor malt longitudinal curtail authentication preparatory transcendental seeker recurrent markup rink trigonometric fuzzy eugenics fumble singer-songwriter onstage fluent abdication ruthless staunch fancy overload discriminate , متون انگلیسی زیبا با ترجمه , جملات اتگلیسی دو زبانه انگلیسی و فارسی , سخن بزرگان ناب , آموزش زبان انگلیسی , جملات حکیمانه ,

برچسب ها
The believer is led to doubt justice when he sees the trick of t , A smile is the shortest distance between two people لبخند کوتاه , The country which forgets its own legends tries to satisfy itsel , سخن بزرگان ناب , display recognize signal score largely settle launch supply fail , Expression , آلبرت انیشتین - Albert Einstein , جملات زیبا با ترجمه فارسی , سخنان آموزنده , quote , کانال تلگرام زبان انگلیسی , سخنان بزرگان , لغت , انگلیسی را قورت بده , Browse ▸ Topics Documents Terms About Search ▸ Wikipedia Ter , متن آموزشی انگلیسی , Inspirational Love Funny Success Friendship Life Motivational Wi , Great Quotes with Farsi Translation , بهترین متن های انگلیسی , Smile more :) , جملات حکیمانه , یادگیری زبان انگلیسی , Awesome sentences , synonym , متن آموزشی , Words similar to , Quotes with translation , جملات اتگلیسی دو زبانه انگلیسی و فارسی , Other ways to say , آموزش زبان انگلیسی , متن_آموزشی , عبارت , متون انگلیسی زیبا با ترجمه , سخن بزرگان , انگلیسی رو قورت بده , capacity blank_info abandon fine output highway discussion jews , عکس آموزشی , کانال تلگرام انگلیسی , اشتباهات رایج , Great Quotes , Quotes , سخن بزرگان انگلیسی با ترجمه , Idiom , کانال انگلیسی , یادگیری انگلیسی , سخنان بزرگان انگلیسی با ترجمه فارسی , IngestEnglish , لغت انگلیسی , سخنان بزرگان با ترجمه فارسی Great quotes with translation , 0-9 4th Of July 50th Birthday 18th Birthday 40th Birthday 30th B ,
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