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سخنان بزرگان| ارُد بزرگ - Great Orod
سه شنبه 20 تیر 1396 ساعت 08:32 ب.ظ | نوشته ‌شده به دست Ingest English | ( نظرات )

The country which forgets its own legends
tries to satisfy itself by other countries' legends
Children of such a dynasty are open and vulnerable
سرزمینی که اسطوره های خویش را فراموش کند
به اسطورهای کشورهای دیگر دلخوش می کند
فرزندان چنین دودمانی بی پناه و آسیب پذیرند. 
ارُد بزرگ - Great Orod

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برچسب‌ها: The country which forgets its own legends tries to satisfy itself by other countries' legends Children of such a dynasty are open and vulnerable سرزمینی که اسطوره های خویش را فراموش کند به اسطورهای کشورهای دیگر دلخوش می کند فرزندان چنین دودمانی بی پناه و آسیب پذیرند. ارُد بزرگ - Great Orod , جملات اتگلیسی دو زبانه انگلیسی و فارسی , سخن بزرگان ناب , آموزش زبان انگلیسی , Quote , Awesome sentences , display recognize signal score largely settle launch supply fail relation street decision arrive depend grant feel money personal specie collection religion sport nearby native foreign vary big legal facility civil tree cross survive officer physical file achieve paper length prevent blockquote foot additional previous japanese agree construct earth primarily decade metal declare musical college compare post command cut night police card improve eastern branch active distance highly status table province explain prior document council troop ability software learn spend capture factor board basis definition arm centre disease annual front oil response 19th 1980s damage heavy mi² express wear weapon gallery purchase greek price principle magazine era oppose 20th @card@ 1970s voice expand critic match demand round direction appoint difficult regular obtain middle instance cultural conflict quality kind storey memory expect suffer red promote beginning goal quickly jewish fan professional instrument empire situation decline category intend transfer bank volume 1990s combine marriage newspaper actor treatment 1960s previously i.e. protect symbol birth bridge longer director meaning mountain belief initially flight fourth acid conduct block frequently manage soldier port meeting vehicle talk reveal drop compose basic avoid citizen contribute detail finish drug health coast understand refuse hard step target mission tend railroad parent credit generate multiple recording scientific theme sequence assume nuclear edition employ minute label sale bus solution reaction officially training agreement statement connection wave potential historic wall component map blood room boundary gold fuel scale frequency winter transport pattern blue institution knowledge italian normal federal equal grade strike shape initial football writing affect environment eye channel buy historian immediately poor contract percent god distribution speech responsible chemical creation medical broadcast convert hear root completely copy fast scholar double resource alternative regional content tribe downtown stone studio reflect heart reform security notably heat unique fly analysis independence inside relative crime financial contrast shoot competition spanish span exchange prominent camp spring bar dutch format aspect constant existence bad philosophy presence teach producer classical library candidate municipality experiment picture tax pair honor benefit victory organize aid unlike settler later contemporary acquire sister industrial generation audience murder argument worker mind debate league campus actual contact risk characteristic horse equation owner peace press phase postal_code job area_code weight advance lake stay observe trial retain hope minor occupy concert fund review escape bit literature select agent reign postal postal_code_type latd string chief search interview patient cast combination succeed reject treat department powerful enemy equipment expansion poem happen subsequently easy save attention comic deep climate communication request dance choice colony advantage longd opposition motion impact revolution walk russian indian airport lay passenger fully equivalent ethnic participate message critical wind ball fiction edge care dispute attract gun sing shift preserve fill earlier extensive exception urban dry particle union belong cite translation easily planet comprise positive effective respect management discuss kingdom traffic farm context internal translate unknown split elevation_ft rail shortly enjoy ring festival judge railway variation failure fear print slow conservative publication irish administration attribute subsequent extremely dead emerge americans formal guitar minister rename scientist count boat formation typical variable emperor fix specifically inspire 1950s forest challenge opening limited identity encourage boy thousand desire restore distinct architecture possibly chain implement plane blank1_name what earn aim nickname internet fish principal prepare genre cycle blank_name slave mayor news path sentence ,

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