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انگلیسی را قورت بده
جملات زیبا با ترجمه فارسی
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The believer is led to doubt justice when he sees the trick of the fox triumph over the justice of the lion
شخص معتقد به عدالت زمانی دچار تردید می شود که می بیند حقه روباه بر عدالت شیر پیروز شده است.

کانال تلگرام ما

برچسب‌ها: The believer is led to doubt justice when he sees the trick of the fox triumph over the justice of the lion شخص معتقد به عدالت زمانی دچار تردید می شود که می بیند حقه روباه بر عدالت شیر پیروز شده است. , جملات اتگلیسی دو زبانه انگلیسی و فارسی , سخن بزرگان ناب , آموزش زبان انگلیسی , Quote , Great Quotes with Farsi Translation , capacity blank_info abandon fine output highway discussion jews census-designated coin tool occupation expression protein height electron soviet designate slightly box rich sit zone distinguish negative freedom entitle compound depict layer crew defense green programming popularity script adult singer deliver convention description burn flag pilot demonstrate commission switch canadian importance lot arrest sexual electric eat mode rare throw african item chart composition opportunity core edit secret dominate roughly sector staff collect phrase invasion ice upper permit heavily increasingly manager bury musician museum protection opponent compete democratic govern peak spirit australian struggle inhabitant interpretation sex girl closely prime tourist restaurant dialect painting universe representative championship assign comment graduate traditionally classic frame parallel strength criticism discovery arise introduction executive mix engage politics conclude error iron sort dark contribution leadership circle behavior daily nations left differ partner valley bond composer requirement external records vector poet resistance neighborhood stock founder rural catch digital comedy mechanism instruction hot duty ensure favor task plot repeat license sample liberal shop screen correct hospital legend ultimately dog enable defend approve manufacture confirm fit governor strip respond literary threat conference wing firm 1st usage opinion retire estate phenomenon maximum permanent considerable situate debut reality handle jazz quote mine entry establishment opposite domestic bird formula evolve speaker controversy beat hill unable supporter secondary academic presidential export operator skill historically factory treaty decrease appeal atom cable editor satellite schedule roman agency ally forward suit ban circuit advocate significantly engineer royal soil algorithm proper orbit successor distribute greatly constitution opera carbon occasionally ratio cold manner master broad answer commit faith incident originate variant controversial teacher merge species mill corner occasion strategy worldwide association imply register assembly global affair headquarters extension agricultural deny molecule secure baseball difficulty concentration flat reserve progress transform electronic passage wood dream extreme coach adjacent exercise manufacturer possibility trace technical 18th meter huge stream portray dedicate rapidly magnetic theorem protest teaching similarly glass collapse extent pick engineering observation immigrant brain cancer hotel brand vessel visitor quarter distinction platform suburb thought massive sum voter accompany angle explanation bill civilian tower push spot combat execute representation solar input background scheme temple domain intelligence solo vocal rely winner solid 2nd adapt attach quantity dollar fleet bass responsibility foundation flee ceremony reputation ride ideal hero ruler pioneer moment recover strongly influential consequence severe acre bind promise bomb procedure guest driver prison classify skin camera steel paint hundred fruit measurement islands minority assist truth medieval window admit missile exhibit vast effectively criticize visible floor champion pitch roll eliminate invent uniform widespread substance guard employee undergo latin theatre fundamental budget utc_offset investment utc_offset_dst silver rival carrier realize capable apparently bishop import accuse suppose doctrine throne victim drink interpret netherlands atmosphere draft crop radiation eighteen characterize column labor violence tie fellow crown administrative percentage tank probability option well-known encounter ancestry yard feed safety chance 1930s christianity gene session mathematics entity jurisdiction transportation rarely residence criminal matrix watch setting mathematical proposal wine remember perceive essentially tape celebrate coordinate survey logic squaremile reading possess so-called manufacturing quantum patent gradually successfully pop timezone additionally environmental castle improvement drum ,

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