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ًQuote | ویلیام آرتور وارد - William Arthur Ward
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A warm smile is the universal language of kindness
یک لبخند گرم، زبان همگانی محبت است.
ویلیام آرتور وارد - William Arthur Ward

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برچسب‌ها: A warm smile is the universal language of kindness یک لبخند گرم زبان همگانی محبت است. ویلیام آرتور وارد - William Arthur Ward , diagnosis dot default sudden rubber footage triple arena shooting short-lived scatter screenplay chord lady probe calcium holder widow theatrical acoustic slight specialize manipulate antiquity stake cricket singing memoir flash polar pursuit runway corrupt cement relativity canon peaceful engagement quiet cities welfare pleasure squadron acclaimed availability persecution incorporation strange openly scan privately powder organized interchange illustration businessman premise ministry chicken pub stimulate transmitter mhz bat brazilian hostile spur telecommunication aboard anthem defender pace enclose extinction admission browser proposition -bgcolor systems totally -align sack athletic image_caption populous slogan spare uprising volcanic imagine rite soccer technological casino fault prominence steady discrimination offense tdtd sufficiently large-scale imagesize complement impressive shipping olympic successive reasoning hormone burning ink gaelic integrated accumulate archives ranch books thinking tragedy projection pocket occurrence eruption amino best-known monopoly uncertainty rap commence everyday snake popularize indication thesis loosely asteroid lend diesel button approximation harmonic inverse gathering bmatrix honorary lesson iranian paradox platinum uncommon incorporated thumb lion omit steep fur petroleum periodic resignation testimony contend shallow revelation assess circulate weaken discrete accurately nationalism socialism ukrainian tenure prey facto mood nurse alternatively complicated cabin precision patch pregnancy deed administrator telescope deathplace defendant persist torpedo guidance dictionary papal lang punish highland tide jersey constraint ethical pride dwarf formulation cardinal minimize radioactive melody amplifier intersect four-year kid nervous diminish ensemble precursor freeway displace ira overlap mutation sensor bitter detection livestock rape ethic indoor formulate hunter cruise prevail image_flag specimen hostility evaluation ninth immune apple annexation seemingly grape numeral afternoon recur hat trilogy cow fever angular announcement abbreviation lumber suspension dealer theorist multiplication sauce clergy provisional coil squad induct defect equality imprisonment southwestern endorse wrap intervene guerrilla offset syntax guideline federally swear parking diagnose leap advertisement spawn cream toxic tariff assignment garrison puzzle tire pot subdivision_type1 demon compress theological belgian insight 2000s economically pitcher boot duck proceeding depot nest chapel lakes cede fertile sailor stance motorcycle systematic interfere cooking assassinate russians disagree vendor headquarter east-west monthly limestone consolidate decimal dome pet established burst continuity furniture prosperity giants astronomy oak gardens yankees vicinity image_skyline bath echo geography binding armenian raf will multiply excavation conviction necessity weakness reservoir wireless mate innovative feminist algebraic dragon swiss ordinance clothes abbreviate explode vulnerable dominance fourteen convey surpass pixel abundant grace killing pregnant relieve careful leaf accusation tight scenario disguise dancer villain contributor motivate chest learning tile bag instruct essence colonist pray northeastern disagreement passive favourite serbian fun chronic anarchist countryside convenient demographic maritime tense nationally geometric ammunition rose machinery wildlife europeans subdivision_type image_seal spy compensation brake artwork amend chase denounce hometown pagan subdivision_name airplane bonus dock tamil plains violin taxi supreme discontinue affiliation punch modest constellation seasonal remake bowl pig delete bull fatal strand acceleration iraqi dancing ceremonial confluence prevalent inheritance vocabulary skilled bubble terminology capitalism sitcom combustion bin renowned aftermath mansion steadily kit famine effectiveness prospect wolf abundance renew oath notorious embark prestigious alloy recount les nationwide refuge premiere elevated gasoline merit fabric comet invoke tenth , جملات اتگلیسی دو زبانه انگلیسی و فارسی , سخن بزرگان ناب , آموزش زبان انگلیسی , Quote , Learn English in a Smart Way ,

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